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About Me

My name is Jenny Lundine and I am the creator of all the art pieces and the photos of my work. Thank you for supporting my habit! I am an artist and maker living in the mountains of Northern California. I'm a mother of two incredible (almost all grown-up) humans.  My artwork is inspired by my love of nature and my time spent outdoors. I create art in an attempt to capture the beauty of the natural world and the wonders of the outdoors.  All of my art is hand-made and one-of-a-kind, crafted from sustainably sourced materials.

My love of art

Art has always been a passion of mine.  I have worked with many different mediums over the years.  I have worked with pencil, watercolor, clay ceramics, leather, silk screening, concrete, mosaics, stained glass, glass bead making, photography, wood burning, quilting, crocheting, macrame, beadwork and so much more!  In June 2023 I decided to create a business from my passion and my dream was launched!

I have a full-time job in health care and really enjoy working with computers and data.  Art helps me to balance my life with the creative forces.  I am also in love with nature and being outdoors.  When I'm not working or creating art, I'm working in the garden or tending to my animals.  Living in a secluded forest brings me complete joy.  I appreciate the quiet time spent with my dog or out in the yard with the feral cats we tend to. 


Permaculture Dreams

Observing the forest began for me at a very young age.  I was always out camping with my parents in the rocky mountains of Idaho.  As an adult, my observance of nature began again as a permaculture endeavor to transform my small one-acre parcel into a food forest.  I had no idea that it would also transform the way I created my art.  

Starting Resin 

One by-product of my permaculture project has been LOTS of flowers!  I love to save beautiful things and flowers are no exception.  I learned to work with epoxy resin partially because I wanted to preserve the beauty nature had provided.  It has been one of the biggest challenges of my art journey to learn how to successfully encase flowers, but it has also been one of the largest rewards.  Each flower has a personality and sometimes the things that work to preserve one flower variety don't work for another.  It has been an absolute joy to learn the subtle nuances of this part of the process.


One other reason I wanted to learn about working with resin is Orgonite!  Orgonite is made with metal chips, resin, and quartz crystals and can be used in electro-culture gardening to improve the way plants grow.  Orgonite has some pretty amazing properties, I have even written a blog about it here.  I also have a great source of metal chips because my dad just happens to be a machinist.  I get to recycle a byproduct into something beautiful and useful!

Garden fresh


One of my other passions is cooking and preserving food!  Before my career took a pivot into healthcare, I had always worked in the restaurant and catering business.  I love making things from scratch especially when I can use ingredients I grew myself.  I also love going to the local farmer's market to chat with the local farmers and buy fruit and flowers.  I appreciate knowing exactly where all of my ingredients come from and feeding my family the best food I can!

Now you know about me, the artist and creator behind all of the Super Simple Stuff!  I hope you enjoy the art and information I have to offer!

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